A brand is not something what you tell people. It is what they tell among themselves.

While mobile marketing has long been projected to be the future face of marketing, until recently, marketing campaigns primarily targeted those accessing the web via a PC. However, we are here to tell you the future is now here, and more important than ever. That is right, it’s time to get in the mobile marketing game. Why? In the last year mobile traffic has skyrocketed and doesn’t show signs of slowing down an time soon; in fact, research predicts mobile traffic will increase ten-fold in just the next four years. This means that companies looking to truly capture an optimal segment of consumers and bolster conversion rates must employ a cutting-edge, effective mobile marketing strategy.

And that’ where we come in. At ANUATION, we provide a variety of mobile marketing services to help companies launch this latest level of marketing and more effectively “rule the mobile web.” Our mobile marketing services include focus :

mobile and email marketing

time spent in mobile apps has grown 90% since 2013 and wearable usage jumped 57% from 2014 to 2015 (25.1 million to 39.5 million)

  • Email Acquisition
  • Email Template Designs
  • Copy Creation
  • Email Scheduling
  • Email Tracking
  • SMS/MMS marketing
  • Push notifications
  • App-based marketing
  • In-game mobile marketing
  • Mobile web marketing
  • QR codes
  • Location-based services
  • User-controlled media
  • Rich media ads, banner ads and text tagline ads
  • Social Media Mobile Ads
  • Device targeting
  • Content targeting
  • Geo-targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • User-interest targeting

There are so many fantastic ways to leverage email and direct mail marketing to your advantage. Figuring out the best way for your brand can be a bit overwhelming. Based on a thorough understanding of your objectives, let ANUATION help you build the best tactical matrix for your brand.

  • Database - acquisition, building organic, sourcing paid, scrubbing, segmentation, etc.
  • Email Campaigns -awareness, welcome, lead gen, cart abandonment, win-back, etc.
  • Mobile-Optimized Email Marketing - design & development
  • Personalization - by geographic, demographic, gender, interest, etc.
  • Analytics - sends, opens, soft bounces, hard bounces, click-thrus, unsubscribes, etc.

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