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At Anuation we have a range of solutions for IP and research related need. We have different solutions, designed and developed for different needs and client types. Our solutions are beneficial for Inventor Assistance Programs, investors, company owners, law firms, patent brokers, and decision makers. Please contact us to know more about our solution which suits your need.

Idea Incubation

Having an idea is the first step towards developing a product or technology. But an idea can be equally harmful for you, if not researched properly. If that particular idea/concept is being used by any other company/competitor, chances are that you end up with other company suing you or charging a heavy fine for using their idea.

To avoid this, first an idea should be develop to get whole picture of future product/technology. Once an idea is developed, a thorough search should be conducted against the current technology/product on the same line. If this phase is clear then you can further go ahead with patenting your idea. If there is similar technology/ product is available by the competitor/company there are other ways around to get your idea launched. For that purpose a second phase of investigative research should be conducted with an approach of adding something new to the existing idea.

In this whole phase cycle, developing an idea is the most important part and we can help you with this. We can help you with whole phase cycle with our solution called IDEA INCUBATION. We can assist you in creating your intellectual property by cultivating your ideas into an intangible asset. Your idea is valuable and our core team of experts knows how to convert it to an asset.

Idea Incubation
Patent Landscape

Patent Landscape

Patent landscape analysis reports provides an in-depth view of the patent situation for a specific technology, either within a given jurisdiction, country, region, or globally. They can help in informed policy discussions, strategic research planning or technology transfer.

Depending on the ultimate purpose, patent landscapes can vary dramatically in scope and focus. This contextual flexibility allows a well-executed patent landscape to be a highly useful tool, but also presents several challenges for both, those commissioning and those performing a landscape project. A properly-designed landscape can prove itself immense useful in activities like:

  • Business Strategies
  • Policy decisions
  • Patenting Strategies
  • Product Development
  • Strategic research planning
  • Technology Transfer
  • Strengthen Negotiating Positions
  • R&D Investment
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Value Generation and Monetization

Our approach to conducting Patent landscaping involves consultation with clients and key technical staff and management in order to ensure that technological realms of interest are well defined. Our team of seasoned professionals and analysts include widely recognized technology, legal and business experts. Our team is a best possible combination of resources powered with access to various databases so that they can conduct high level landscape analysis and thus help our clients in making high-stakes decisions. Our experts also provide guidance and ongoing support for our reports and deliverables.

Patent Brokerage material

Patent brokerage material is a very important tool to convince buyer/investor/CEOs for buying/licensing a patent or patent portfolio. With right patent portfolio and convincing brokerage material it becomes easy to monetize the patent portfolio.

We have expertise in preparing patent brokerage material. We take into consideration of associated technology, market and patent strength of your asset while preparing patent brokerage material. Our solution also provides a list of target companies/investor who may be interested in buying the patent portfolio.

Patent brokerage material in general, provides technical data to prove the technical strength of Patent portfolio, Market data to show the market potential of technology behind the portfolio, and Target buyers/licensee on the basis of EOU charts prepared and analyzing the similar line of technology behind companies/products and patent portfolio.

Patent Brokerage material
Inventor Assistance Program

Inventor Assistance Program

Inventor assessment program is the solution developed by Anuation for those who have an idea but knows nothing about patenting or marketing of idea. This solution is specially developed for individual inventor. Under this solution Anuation works with client along the long timeline and helps inventor from filing his/her patent to marketing/capitalizing his patent. This process may take long time so the solution is designed and developed in a manner that every initiative and strategy is executed within strict timelines so that no further delay could happen. For example first step of this solution is to assist inventor about the right jurisdictions where inventor should file his/her patent. This step is backed up by strong research on the idea and related technology. Many more processes goes on along the timeline. With this solution inventor can sit back and relax. We will be there to assist them at every step of patent cycle.

Check out how we help you make your intellectual property

Check out how we help you make your intellectual property


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